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10 AI software tools you should be familiar with #technology

10 AI-Infused Software Tools to Know - Video

In this video, Faith from Face World Media discusses 10 AI-infused software tools that creators and small business owners are using. The first tool mentioned is Otter AI, which transforms conversations into written text and offers features such as meeting summaries and show notes. Another tool, Otter Fathom AI, streamlines meeting note-taking and integrates with virtual conferencing platforms. Descript uses a text-based approach for editing videos and audio, with AI tools like overdub for making corrections without re-recording. Swell AI turns podcasts and videos into show notes, articles, and social posts, while Munch AI offers content repurposing with a scoring system to prioritize clips. DI IO creates studio-quality videos using realistic avatars, perfect for those who are camera shy. Pika Labs Project allows users to turn images and text into videos with just a few prompts. Adobe Express is a versatile tool for designing thumbnails and creating content for social media, with features like turning text prompts into images and access to a library of assets. These AI tools are changing the way content is created and making it more accessible for creators and small businesses.

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