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#10 Mind-Blowing AI Tools Beyond Chat GPT | by Angana #ArtificialIntelligence

Beyond Chat GPT: 10 AI Tools That Will Blow Your Mind | by Angana | Feb, 2024

In this blog, the author discusses 10 AI tools that are set to transform the way we create, communicate, and consume content in the digital world. The tools cover a wide range of functionalities, from transforming QR codes into artistic creations to creating professional bios for Twitter with just one click. Other tools include PDF-to-Chat, AI Emoji, and Headshots AI, which aim to enhance user interactions and visual representations online. Additionally, the author discusses tools like ClipDrop, Video Highlight, and NVIDIA Broadcast, which focus on image and video editing, livestream enhancements, and video summarization. The blog also introduces tools like Vidyo and Opus Clip, which streamline content repurposing for social media platforms. The author concludes by emphasizing the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing online experiences and encourages readers to explore these tools and embrace the transformative power of AI beyond Chat GPT.

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