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5 essential questions for evaluating AI edtech tools #EdtechEvaluation

5 questions to ask when evaluating AI edtech tools

The year 2023 was considered a breakout year for generative AI, with widespread concerns about the impact of AI technologies on work, the environment, education, and other areas. In education, AI-powered tools were experimented with for tasks such as organization, writing, research, and form completion. However, the initial prohibitions on the use of AI tools in schools gradually gave way to guidance for their use, and the regular usage of AI tools was more limited than expected. As we move forward, it is important to focus on how AI technologies can empower quality instruction in education. Educators and administrators should evaluate AI-powered edtech tools based on their potential to provide power boosts to instruction in areas such as personalization, differentiation, access to vetted educational materials, student interest, relationship-building, and impactful learning analytics. It is important to ask critical questions when evaluating these tools, such as whether they allow for differentiation, offer access to vetted educational materials, promote student interest, provide opportunities for relationship-building, and offer impactful learning analytics. Decisions about which edtech tools to adopt and in what ways are challenging, but using the lens of technology-enabled instruction and technology’s power boost potential in teaching can help in evaluating the potential of AI-powered tools.

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