Abstract journey through time: Cycles of Light (2024) by Robert Lavigne #TimeTravelArt

Cycles of Light: An Abstract Journey Through Time (2024) | by Robert Lavigne | Generative Artwork by Robert Lavigne | Feb, 2024

The content discusses the creation of a series of 16 prompts for individual square images in a colorful abstract style for a 4×4 grid artwork. Each prompt focuses on abstract elements that can seamlessly blend with adjacent squares, creating a unified yet dynamic piece. The prompts guide the creation of each square to stand on its own as an abstract expression of different times of the day while also contributing to a cohesive larger artwork when viewed as part of the 4×4 grid. The prompts include instructions for creating abstract images featuring vibrant sunrise palettes, mid-morning colors, rich blues and greens, bright noon skies, early afternoon, sunset themes, night skies, dawn, midday clarity, afternoon landscapes, late afternoon, evening, and deep night skies. Each prompt provides specific color palettes and design elements to be incorporated into the abstract images, ensuring continuity and variation in the overall grid artwork. The goal is to create a visually engaging and harmonious 4×4 grid artwork that captures the essence of different times of the day through abstract visual expressions.

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