Abstract x Physical: Art transcends boundaries, creating limitless possibilities. #ArtisticFreedom

P0RT_TR41T: Abstract x Physical. Art transcends boundaries, creating… | by MGXS Studio | Jul, 2024

MGXS Studio has reached a significant milestone with the arrival of the physical P0RT_TR41Ts, with 25 pieces bound in a newly designed frame. These pieces form a collective portrait that connects holders and designates them as guardians of a gateway. The 25 P0RT_TR41Ts showcase a section of a larger artwork, with the 26th piece serving as the key to the artwork. Deliveries of the frames have already been made to various countries, symbolizing a portal to new realms within the GNSS narrative for exploration and discovery. To learn more about MGXS Studio, their digital art portfolio, and to join the collective art experience with the community, visit their website and Discord channel. The message “Mad is the way” concludes the content.

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