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AI company releases open-source generative audio model for sound design #innovation

Stability AI Shares Open-Source Generative AI Audio Model for Creative Sound Design

Stability AI has introduced an open-source generative AI model called Stable Audio Open, designed for musicians and sound engineers. This model can create short audio samples based on text prompts, such as sound effects and production elements. Stable Audio Open can generate up to 47 seconds of high-quality audio and allows users to fine-tune the model with their own audio data, offering flexibility in the final product. The applications of Stable Audio Open are diverse, including creating bespoke sound effects for film and television, experimenting with new sounds for musicians and producers, and enhancing gaming experiences with dynamic audio effects.

Stability AI trained Stable Audio Open on audio data from FreeSound and the Free Music Archive, ensuring respect for the rights of original creators. The model is available on Hugging Face and is tailored for shorter audio clips and sound effects, rather than full songs or vocals. This focus on sound design tools distinguishes Stable Audio Open from Stability AI’s commercial product, Stable Audio, which can produce complete musical tracks. The release of Stable Audio Open marks a milestone in opening generative audio capabilities to empower creative communities, with the company encouraging users to explore the model’s capabilities and provide feedback for further development.

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