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AI-Driven COVID Screening App Hits 100,000 Installs in 7 Weeks #VoiceAnalyzerMilestone

AI-Driven Real Time Voice Analyzer COVID Screening App Hits Major Milestone of 100,000 Installs in Just Seven Weeks

The Real Time Voice Analyzer (RTVA) app has reached 100,000 installs in a short period of time, providing fast, accurate, and non-invasive COVID or respiratory illness screening without uncomfortable nasal swabs or painful tests. The app uses AI algorithms to detect influenza, the common cold, and COVID-19 variants, delivering reliable results in 5-10 minutes. It works by analyzing the sound of a person’s voice, similar to a doctor using a stethoscope to detect irregularities in vital organs. The algorithm primarily uses vowel sounds for consistent performance across different languages and dialects. RTVA is environmentally friendly and works with any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a microphone. The app is a collaboration between Dr. Rita Singh, Hematico, and Real Time Network, combining scientific knowledge, technological advancements, and efficient distribution channels. The app was developed by a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University School of Medicine, and MIT, offering a simple, unintrusive, and accurate solution for monitoring health anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit For media inquiries, contact Ria Romano, Publicist, RTVA Inc., at 786-290-6413 or [email protected] Source: RTVA Inc.

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