AI Job application assistant by OpenAI and Anthropic revolutionizing hiring #AIrevolution

Build an AI-Job application assistant: OpenAI and Anthropic | by Alessandro Amenta | Apr, 2024

Job hunting can be a tedious and emotional process, involving tasks like tailoring resumes and crafting cover letters. To alleviate some of this burden, an AI prototype was built using Streamlit to streamline the job application process. The app uses AI to tailor resumes, generate cover letters, and create personalized cold emails based on the job description. Users need an OpenAI or Anthropic API key to access the app. The article details the app’s functionality, including the AI prompt generation, user inputs, and document generation. The app’s frontend is built using Streamlit, offering a user-friendly interface for interacting with the AI-powered document generator. Additionally, a feedback form is integrated into the app to gather user suggestions and store them in a Google Sheet for future improvements. The code snippets provided in the article demonstrate how the app handles user inputs, generates documents, and collects feedback. The author encourages users to explore the GitHub repo and try out the app, emphasizing the goal of making the job hunting process more automated and less painful.

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