#AI Language Models: The Internet’s Demise in 9 Words #AIRevolution

This Is How AI Language Models Will Kill the Internet

The disappearance of the free version of the Google search engine is due to the competition between traditional search interfaces and conversational agents. This shift challenges the advertising-based economic model of websites like Google, impacting the profitability of network investments for companies like GAFAM. Conversational agents promote content based on different criteria, leading to a shift in digital entrepreneurship and freedom of expression on the internet.

Language models now analyze content based on qualitative relevance rather than quantitative factors, changing how search results are generated. This leads to concerns about content evaluation and censorship by companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Amazon. Small businesses may struggle to position themselves against larger companies with biased AI models.

The rise of artificial intelligence in search engines may lead to a return to a free internet model without advertising, promoting cultural and scientific sharing. Free AI software could help select content based on quality and in compliance with Net Neutrality principles. However, this will require a shift away from financial goals towards neutrality and transparency efforts by civil society, associations, and the public sector.

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