AI Perplexity outperforms Google and ChatGPT. How to use? #AdvancedAI

Perplexity AI is, better than Google and ChatGPT. What it is and how to use it? | by Thomas Latterner | Feb, 2024 is a startup founded in 2022 that offers a unique search engine using natural language processing to understand user questions. They have raised significant funding and aim to be a leader in question answering and knowledge platforms. Their main offering is a search engine that provides tailored search results and allows for follow-up conversations with users. Perplexity offers different search modes and allows users to upload files for analysis. They offer a free and pro plan, with the pro plan offering unlimited copilot queries, access to advanced AI models, file uploads, and API credits. The pro plan is billed at $20 per month or $200 per year. This tool is a versatile and advanced option for those looking for a more tailored and interactive search experience.

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