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AI-powered app connects students and alumni for networking opportunities. #AIConnect

New App State tool uses artificial intelligence to connect current students and alumni

Appalachian State University has launched a new platform called “Ask a Mountaineer” to connect current students with alumni for career advice and networking. The platform allows students to submit questions related to their education or career, which are then sent to App State graduates who are best suited to answer using artificial intelligence. The program has been used by students for professional purposes, such as seeking advice on moving to a new city, reviewing resumes, or making a career change. One graduate student even connected with an alumnus working at Nike after asking questions about the shoe design business. The Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs, Savannah Stanbery, believes the platform provides an easy way for students to network and access mentorship, while also allowing alumni to support their alma mater. The website is not only for current students, but also for recent graduates looking to network and faculty searching for speakers for their classes. Overall, the platform aims to provide an accessible way for students and alumni to connect and support each other, without the need for physical presence or financial contributions.

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