AI-powered SberSwap: High-precision FaceSwap technology | #FacialRecognition

SberSwap: High-Precision FaceSwap Powered by AI | by David Cochard | axinc-ai | Feb, 2024

The content introduces “SberSwap,” a machine learning model that can be used with ailia SDK. It is a face swap model that was released in April 2022, now renamed to “Ghost.” The model architecture takes two 256×256 images as input, and the target image is used as is, while for the source image, a 512-dimensional embedding is calculated. The faceswap image is composited with the target image using a mask calculated from facial landmarks. The model uses three frameworks: MXNet for face detection, ONNX Runtime for landmark detection, and Torch to run ArcFace and the generator. It has version conflicts and operates only in a CUDA environment, making it challenging to run on systems without CUDA support. The ailia MODELS version of SberSwap allows for implementation solely with the ailia SDK, unifying numpy and CUDA versions.

The model has various features, including super-resolution processing, smoothing between adjacent frames for video content, and loss functions focused on the eyes. It can be used to perform faceswap on one person and combined with a tracking algorithm to perform faceswap on multiple people. The content also provides commands to use SberSwap with ailia SDK for faceswap and video inputs, as well as for face enhancement. Additionally, it discusses the challenges and solutions for running SberSwap in different environments. Overall, the content provides a comprehensive overview of the SberSwap model and its applications.

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