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AI releases Stable Diffusion 3 with improved hands, faces #stability

Stability AI has released Stable Diffusion 3 Medium (SD3 Medium), their most advanced open-source model yet, capable of generating photorealistic images from textual descriptions. The model addresses challenges faced by AI image generators with hands and faces in generated content and incorporates text elements with high accuracy. SD3 Medium is accessible and can run on standard consumer graphics cards, making it more widely adoptable. Stability AI plans to expand into video and audio generation in the future.

SD3 Medium is offered under a non-commercial license for free use, with a Creator License available for commercial applications. Large-scale commercial users can contact Stability AI directly for licensing details. The model represents a significant advancement in text-to-image AI generation, particularly in generating hands and faces.

Developers can access API for Stable Diffusion 3, which outperforms Midjourney 6. The model’s underlying Diffusion Transformer architecture enables high accuracy in incorporating text elements. Stability AI aims to make their AI models more accessible and customizable through the use of small datasets.

In summary, Stable Diffusion 3 Medium is a powerful and accessible tool for text-to-image AI generation, offering advancements in generating hands and faces in images.

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