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AI replaced jobs, now paid to humanize communication. #AIcommunication

AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human

The article discusses the impact of AI on the job of copywriters, highlighting a case where a writer, Benjamin Miller, experienced job loss due to automation. The introduction of AI in the writing process led to a decrease in creativity and job security for many in the industry. Some copywriters found themselves editing AI-generated content, which was tedious and paid poorly. However, some writers embraced AI as a tool to enhance their work and improve efficiency.

The article also delves into the challenges faced by copywriters in adapting to AI technology and the evolving demands of the industry. It explores the tension between AI-generated content and the need for human touch in writing, as well as the impact of AI on job prospects for copywriters. The story of Benjamin Miller’s job loss due to AI automation serves as a cautionary tale for the future of work in the industry.

Overall, the article highlights the complex relationship between AI and copywriting, showcasing both the potential benefits and drawbacks of AI integration in the field. It raises important questions about the future of work, adaptation to technology, and the role of human creativity in a world increasingly dominated by automation.

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