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AI tool designed to simplify and improve forestry management tasks. #AIforestrymanagement

New AI tool to help ease forestry management

Scion and Indufor Asia Pacific have unveiled a new interactive tool called Forest Insights, which provides the forestry industry with powerful inventory information to facilitate management, harvesting, and wood processing decisions. The tool focuses on providing an overview of the changing availability and growth of planted radiata pine, with plans to expand to other tree species and regions in the future. Forest Insights uses AI technologies and LiDAR to detect and identify stands of trees, track planting and harvesting history, and automatically detect commercial radiata pine forests. It also aims to level the playing field for smaller forest owners and support the government’s goal of having 20% non-radiata pine forests by 2030. The tool is also intended to assist in tracking forest activities and assessing forest damage following natural disasters. The development of Forest Insights is a collaborative effort between Scion and Indufor Asia Pacific Ltd, and it is seen as a critical inventory management tool for the forestry industry. The tool is expected to provide a holistic view of forest assets and support well-informed decisions for forestry and wood processing companies. Overall, Forest Insights offers significant benefits to the forestry industry and investors by providing essential information for wood availability forecasts, investment decisions, and infrastructure planning.

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