AI’s reign ends as I explore new horizons. #innovation

Gone are those days of AI. This week I am taking a slight detour… | by Shrinivasan Sankar | Jul, 2024

The author reflects on the changes in the AI field over the past decade, highlighting the growth and challenges faced. They discuss the evolution from a close-knit community to a vast and diverse field, the shift towards GPU clusters for training models, and the increasing demand for AI engineers. The emergence of new roles like ML-ops and ML-architects is noted, along with the transition from ML Engineers to AI Engineers due to the development of foundation models by tech giants. The author predicts a merging of software engineering and machine learning roles, with companies categorized as AI product or AI services providers. They also raise concerns about the job market saturation and the possibility of a bubble burst akin to the dot com bubble. The article concludes with a call to follow the author on Twitter and YouTube for updates and tutorials on AI concepts.

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