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Apple unveils AI advancements at annual conference with #innovation

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Apple unveiled its AI technology, Apple Intelligence, at its annual developers conference, aiming to become a leader in generative AI and gain an edge over Microsoft. The technology will power new tools for text and image generation and information retrieval across apps. The company also showcased updates to its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset and iPhone operating system, including customizable home screens and improved apps.

New features include a “lock an app” function for sensitive information protection and message grouping in the email client. The Vision Pro headset will be available in more countries with new software features. Despite a 1.1% drop in shares, Apple seeks to reassure investors at the conference that it is not losing the AI battle to Microsoft.

Apple plans to revamp Siri with generative AI and a possible tie-up with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The company aims to make Siri smarter and more capable of controlling various apps on behalf of users. Investors expect the new AI features to drive iPhone sales and boost hardware refresh cycles in 2025.

Apple also introduced a new AI-focused chip in its latest iPad Pro models and may discuss cloud-computing capabilities at the conference. By using its own chips for cloud services, Apple can offer advanced AI features while maintaining privacy and security. The developer conference will continue until Friday, with Apple showcasing updates to its apps and operating systems.

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