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Apple’s iOS 18 introduces unlimited emojis. Will it backfire? #emojioverload

Apple’s iOS 18 features infinite emojis. Will they ruin the fun?

Apple is set to introduce AI-powered custom emojis in iOS 18, allowing users to create unique emojis based on their preferences. This move is seen as a way to keep up with competitors in the AI race and enhance digital communication. Emojipedia’s editor sees this as a mainstream version of an emoji image generator that will open the floodgates for niche emoji creation.

While some question how these new emojis will interact with Android devices and what guardrails Apple will implement, others believe that emojis are a powerful tool for conveying meaning and emotion. The evolution of emoji use, especially among young people, from literal to ironic, highlights the importance of having a shared set of emojis for effective communication.

Despite concerns about the potential impact of AI-generated emojis on communication, some believe that these new features will enrich emoji communication rather than dilute it. The introduction of Genmojis may not create viral icons but could become a mainstay in private conversations, allowing users to develop their own group-specific emojis. Overall, the introduction of AI-powered emojis is expected to bring a new dimension to digital communication, offering users the ability to express themselves in unique and creative ways.

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