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Apple’s IOS18 to introduce key features this fall #technology (IO): Revolutionizing AI/ML Applications With Decentralized GPU Power - Bybit Learn

Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 update will bring several new features to iPhone users this fall. One of the key new features is the ability to customize app icons, allowing users to personalize their home screens even further. Another exciting addition is the introduction of Focus mode, which will allow users to set specific notifications and apps to be available during certain times of the day.

Additionally, iOS 18 will include improvements to FaceTime, such as spatial audio and voice isolation, to enhance the video calling experience. Users will also have the option to share music and videos during FaceTime calls, making it easier to enjoy media together virtually.

Siri will also receive updates in iOS 18, with improved speech recognition and the ability to process requests faster. Users will also have more control over their privacy settings, with the option to disable tracking pixels in emails and prevent apps from accessing their location in the background.

Overall, the iOS 18 update promises to bring a range of new features and improvements to iPhone users, enhancing their overall experience with their devices.

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