Ashton Kutcher receives criticism for controversial remarks on AI #CelebrityBacklash

Actor Ashton Kutcher Faces Backlash Over AI Comments | by ODSC - Open Data Science | Jun, 2024

Ashton Kutcher recently praised OpenAI’s generative video tool, Sora, at the Berggruen Salon in Los Angeles, suggesting that AI could replace various roles in the entertainment industry. He highlighted the tool’s capabilities in generating realistic footage and emphasized the potential cost savings in production. Kutcher also discussed the future potential of generative AI in creating entire movies from script to screen.

However, Kutcher faced backlash for his comments, with critics accusing him of advocating for job losses in the industry. In response, Kutcher clarified that he sees AI as a tool to enhance creativity and efficiency for artists, rather than replace them entirely. He acknowledged that jobs may change with advancements in technology and urged preparedness for the future.

The controversy was further fueled by revelations that Kutcher’s venture capitalist firm, Sound Venture, invests in AI companies like OpenAI and Anthropic. Critics pointed out that Kutcher’s financial interests in AI should have been disclosed in the article, raising questions about his motivations in promoting AI in entertainment.

The debate surrounding AI’s role in entertainment industry continues, with concerns about job displacement and the technology’s potential benefits. Kutcher’s comments shed light on the evolving landscape of AI in creative industries and the need for a balanced approach to integrating technology while preserving artistic integrity.

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