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Australian MSPs urged to provide AI tools to customers #technology

Australian MSPs pressed to offer customers AI tools

A recent study by Barracuda Networks revealed that 4 out of 5 Australian managed service providers (MSPs) feel pressured to offer AI tools to their customers. However, 94% of Australian MSPs believe they need to improve their knowledge and application of AI products to meet this demand. Many MSPs are turning to cloud marketplaces as a crucial tool, with 49% already using them and others exploring the option. Security is also a top priority for Australian MSPs, with 90% acknowledging the need to enhance their internal security posture.

Despite facing challenges such as increased competition and difficulties in helping customers comply with government regulations, most MSPs expect growth in 2024. Barracuda’s Regional Sales Director, Paul Crighton, emphasized the importance of strong vendor partnerships in helping MSPs overcome obstacles and succeed in the competitive landscape. The full report can be accessed on Barracuda’s website.

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