Automated image caption generation and JSON export with BLIP. #AI

Automatically Generating Image Caption and Exporting to JSON with BLIP | by Yanwei Liu | Jul, 2024

To generate image captions using the BLIP model, first, install necessary libraries like PIL, Torch, and Torchvision. Clone the BLIP repository and create a Python file for the code. Import required modules and ensure GPU availability for faster processing. Specify image folder path, size, and model URL, then load the model onto the device.

Define functions to load and process images, and to generate captions for all images in a folder. The processing function resizes, normalizes, and converts images to Tensor format. The caption generation function iterates through images, processes them, and generates descriptions using the model, storing results in a dictionary.

Generate captions for all images in the specified folder and save the descriptions in a JSON file for future use. The process can be helpful for fine-tuning stable diffusion models for image generation. Following these steps, users can efficiently generate captions for images and utilize them for various purposes.

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