#AutomatedAnimalBehaviorAnalysis using a deep learning model #AnimalBehaviorAnalysis

A deep learning model for automated animal behavior analysis

A new technology called SuperAnimal has been developed at EPFL, allowing a single deep learning model to detect animal motion across various species and environments. This tool can be used for animal conservation, biomedicine, and neuroscience research. The model automates the analysis of animal behavior, removing observer bias and increasing efficiency in obtaining accurate results. It can recognize keypoints in over 45 animal species without human supervision, making posture analysis more accessible and standardized. The SuperAnimal method is an evolution of a pose estimation technique called DeepLabCut™️, which streamlines the process of training large-scale datasets. This advancement will benefit veterinarians, biomedical researchers, and those studying laboratory mice, as well as athletes and other species like birds, fish, and insects. The model is open-source and available to researchers worldwide. The technology has the potential to be integrated into natural language interfaces for more accessible and advanced behavioral analysis tools. The research was published in Nature Communications and can be accessed through EPFL’s distribution platform.

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