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AWS launches App Studio to accelerate app development with AI #AWSAppStudio

AWS introduces App Studio to speed up application development with AI

Amazon Web Services Inc. has introduced AWS App Studio, an artificial intelligence service that allows companies to develop applications using natural language prompts. This offering is designed to help companies quickly build internal software tools for their employees, such as creating applications for managing creative assets or tracking employee workstations. Users can describe the application they want to build in natural language, and App Studio takes care of the development process, delivering an application that employees can start using immediately.

The development workflow in App Studio starts with a text prompt, where users provide an overview of the application they wish to build. App Studio then generates a detailed list of features and interface sections based on the prompt. Users can customize the program’s interface through a drag-and-drop interface and integrate their AI-generated applications with external services.

App Studio includes a testing tool to ensure the software works as intended before deployment, and each program is accessible via a dedicated URL with role-based access controls. The service is positioned as a more cost-efficient alternative to existing low-code development tools, with customers charged based on the amount of time employees spend using published applications.

AWS also announced updates to Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock and made a customizable version of Claude 3 Haiku available to customers. The service is available for free and aims to provide deep and relevant content to users.

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