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Battle between New York Times and OpenAI: Who will win? #AIvsJournalism

Opinion | Who will win the battle between the New York Times and OpenAI?

The New York Times is suing OpenAI, alleging that the company used its articles to train ChatGPT without permission. The lawsuit is framed as a battle between a life force of liberal democracy (the Times) and a Big Tech destroyer (OpenAI). OpenAI rejects the premise, claiming that it was negotiating rights fees with the Times. The lawsuit is significant because it involves copyright and generative AI, and could potentially lead to a settlement, congressional action, or a verdict. The Times believes it has been robbed of billions of dollars of intellectual property and is seeking a massive licensing fee from OpenAI. However, OpenAI argues that ChatGPT’s ability to transform Times articles into something original falls under fair use. The legal process could take years, during which ChatGPT is likely to become more entrenched. Ultimately, a settlement is seen as the most likely outcome, as both parties have a sliver of existential risk. The Times wants to secure its sustainability in the face of AI, while OpenAI has admitted that it would be impossible to train today’s leading AI models without using copyrighted materials. A possible solution could be a 5 percent stake in OpenAI, divided among the largest news organizations and book publishers. The article concludes that while thrilling outcomes are possible, the least entertaining outcome is the most likely.

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