“Best Task & Planner Apps for Productivity in 2024” #ProductivityApps

Top 8 Task & Planner Apps in 2024 for Getting Stuff Done | by Francesco D'Alessio | Feb, 2024

The article discusses the best task management and daily planner apps for 2024, highlighting two specific apps: Sunsama and Things 3. It mentions that task management and daily planner apps are growing rapidly in the world of productivity and have been curated from the list of the best to-do apps. Sunsama is recommended for mindfulness, offering a mindful approach to task management and daily planning, blending calendar functions with task organization. It is designed to foster a healthy work-life balance and is ideal for those seeking to align daily tasks with broader weekly objectives. On the other hand, Things 3 is recommended for its minimal experience, offering a simple yet powerful platform for personal project organization with a minimalist interface. It also includes features such as “This Evening” for evening tasks, project management, and seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem.

The article emphasizes the importance of intentional living and productivity, making Sunsama and Things 3 top choices for individuals who prioritize these aspects. It also encourages readers to clap for the article on Medium if they enjoy it. The content includes images of the apps and their interfaces to provide a visual representation of their features. Overall, the article aims to provide readers with a quick list of the best task management and daily planner apps for 2024, catering to different preferences and needs.

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