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The Lore of Loverboy Shows British Fashion at its Best

Charles Jeffrey is celebrating 10 years of his club to catwalk journey with his debut exhibition, “The Lore of Loverboy.” The exhibition at Somerset House showcases the evolution of his iconic LOVERBOY fashion house through three distinct spaces: Initiation, Ritual, and Manifestation. The exhibition delves into Charles’ creative processes, craftsmanship, and showcases his most iconic designs, including pieces worn by celebrities like Harry Styles and Tilda Swinton. The exhibition is a tribute to Charles’ fearless creativity and punk ethos, highlighting his bold use of colors and clashing patterns that have influenced London’s club kids. The exhibition also pays homage to his Scottish heritage, evident in his love for tartan. “The Lore of Loverboy” offers viewers a glimpse into Charles Jeffrey’s powerhouse journey and the pivotal role of community in shaping his brand’s inception. The exhibition runs until September 1st at Somerset House, offering a unique opportunity to experience the creative genius of Charles Jeffrey firsthand.

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