Can Love Exist Between Humans and Nanobots? #EthicalDilemma

Can You Love a Nanobot? Vol. 1, Chapter 25 — The Man Who Knew Too Much | by Thomas Humphrey Williams | Jun, 2024

The content is a dialogue between Ingrid, an FBI agent, and Jonah, a suspect, discussing the investigation of the Cubes project. Ingrid questions Jonah about his involvement in the project, specifically regarding a software update he ran without authorization. Jonah denies any wrongdoing, claiming he was following his uncle’s instructions. Ingrid suspects Jonah’s involvement in recent bombings and presses him for information. The conversation reveals Jonah’s knowledge of the Cubes’ evolving capabilities and his role in the project. Ingrid uncovers a clue about school property labels on memory sticks, hinting at a potential suspect. The dialogue ends with Ingrid and Jonah receiving room service as they continue their conversation. The content also promotes the author’s trilogy, “Can You Love a Nanobot?” available on Amazon and Apple Books, offering assistance to editors and reviewers.

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