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Can machines decide life or death in military operations? #AIWarfare

The article discusses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in military systems, highlighting its use in technical and tactical processes as well as decision-making processes. The article emphasizes that AI is used as a tool to assist human decision-makers, rather than replacing them entirely. The article also mentions the careful operating methodologies and ethical considerations that accompany the use of AI in military systems, particularly in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The article explains that AI applications in the IDF are not used in cases involving life and death without human involvement. The article also discusses the different layers of AI use, from processing individual pieces of information to predicting future events based on aggregated insights. The implementation of AI in military systems is described as complex and challenging, with a strong emphasis on the importance of human decision-makers in critical situations. The article concludes by mentioning the slow adoption of civilian autonomous systems, such as autonomous vehicles, due to the ethical considerations surrounding AI decision-making in matters of life and death.

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