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ChatGPT faces coding challenges post-2021; #programmingstruggles

ChatGPT struggles with coding problems past its 2021 cutoff date

OpenAI’s ChatGPT was effective at solving coding problems before 2021 but struggled after that year, as reported in a study by IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. The chatbot’s success rates for easy, medium, and hard problems dropped significantly post-2021, with the rate for hard problems falling to 0.66%. The study analyzed 728 coding problems from Leetcode in five programming languages and found that ChatGPT excelled in some cases but had security concerns. The chatbot was good at fixing compiling errors but not at correcting its own mistakes. Researchers emphasized the importance of understanding the limitations of AI models like ChatGPT so developers can work around them, suggesting that providing relevant knowledge and highlighting potential vulnerabilities could improve performance. Yutian Tang from the University of Glasgow, one of the researchers involved, noted that ChatGPT may generate incorrect code due to a lack of understanding of algorithm problems. Overall, the study highlighted the need for developers to be aware of AI limitations and provide additional guidance to improve the performance of chatbots like ChatGPT in solving coding problems.

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