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Chinese AI apps revolutionizing US education system with #AIEdTransformation

An Alternative to Conventional Neural Networks Could Help Reveal What AI Is Doing behind the Scenes

AI education is changing how future generations learn essential skills, with more Americans turning to AI tutoring for its convenience and low cost. Chinese apps are leading this trend, and their influence is expected to spread worldwide. In the US, AI education threatens traditional after-school learning institutions by providing a more affordable and accessible alternative. Students like Evan are using AI apps to solve problems and learn, with many preferring AI tutoring over human tutors. China owns two of the top education apps in the US, and the country’s crackdown on private tutorial centers has caused them to pivot to overseas users. As AI education continues to grow, other countries must prepare for its potential impacts, including the risk of students delegating their homework to chatbots and not learning essential skills. This shift towards AI education is likely to have far-reaching consequences, and nations must be ready to adapt to this new way of learning.

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