Complete guide to OpenAPI v4 | Brandon Verzuu | Jul 2024 #APIs

Everything you need to know about OpenAPI version 4 | by Brandon Verzuu | Jul, 2024

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) has a Special Interest Group (SIG) shaping the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification, with guiding principles outlined for Moonwalk. These principles include semantics, signatures, inclusion, separation of concerns, and mechanical upgrading. Moonwalk aims to incorporate design constraints for generative AI in the new version of OpenAPI, allowing for more descriptive power with fewer lines. The new version will support importing and leveraging namespaces for natural language implementation. The goal is to make the upgrade process from version 3.x to 4.0 automated and user-friendly.

Moonwalk also focuses on API-led customer journeys and the rise of OpenAPI Description (OAD) repositories. By offering a layered description aligning with OAI’s principles, Moonwalk aims to enhance readability and audience reach for API descriptions. The project also aims to extend the API-first approach into business development, allowing for better customer journeys based on API descriptions.

While Moonwalk holds promise for API-led innovation, there are challenges in meeting the scheduled release and keeping up with market pace. Open meetings are available for those interested in contributing to Moonwalk, with the opportunity to shape the future of API specifications. Contributions are welcome, and participation in meetings can provide insights into the development process.

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