Creating Dragon Turtles with AI: Challenges, Discoveries, Triumphs #AIartistry

My Journey Creating Dragon Turtles with Generative AI: Challenges, Discoveries, and Triumphs | by EJack Yao | Jul, 2024

The content discusses the creation of dragon turtles using AI technology, blending ancient mythology with modern tools. The author shares their journey of frustration, perseverance, and triumph in creating these mythical creatures, highlighting the capabilities and limitations of artificial intelligence in art creation. Inspired by a group blending cute animals, the author took on the challenge of creating the dragon turtle, a symbol of power and longevity in Chinese folklore. The dragon turtle represents a blend of the dragon and the turtle, two revered creatures in mythology. The author initially turned to ChatGPT 4.0 and DALL-E for assistance in creating the dragon turtle, expecting their advanced capabilities to make the process easier.

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