Deception and contradiction in AI era: The Copyright Hypocrisy #IntellectualProperty

The Copyright Illusion and the Hypocrisy in the Age of AI | by Andy Rosen | Jun, 2024

The emergence of AI has sparked concerns about copyright infringement and the protection of artists’ rights. Various stakeholders, including politicians, regulators, and tech giants, have expressed sudden concern for artists, but this may be driven more by fear of disruption to existing business models than genuine care for creators. The broken copyright system has long failed artists, with issues such as inadequate compensation and exploitation by stock agencies. Harvard Law expert Mason Kortz highlights the hypocrisy of companies expressing concern for artists while failing to compensate their own creators adequately.

As AI-generated content becomes more prevalent, the need for real solutions to protect creators is crucial. The current copyright system is costly and inaccessible for many independent artists, leaving them vulnerable to theft and exploitation. Reforming the system to make it more affordable and accessible, while preserving fair use and First Amendment principles, is essential. Suggestions for improvement include rethinking registration, providing affordable legal recourse, implementing fair compensation models, enhancing transparency and accountability, and addressing issues related to AI-generated content.

The current copyright system is ill-equipped to handle the volume and nature of AI-generated content, highlighting the need for radical change. Creators are urged to be cautious about licensing their work to AI platforms until clear profit-sharing structures are established. Embracing collaboration between human and machine creativity and reforming the copyright system to accommodate AI-generated content are essential for a vibrant and equitable creative future. offers tools to safeguard intellectual property and empower creators in the digital age.

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