#Delft-based DuckDuckGoose raises €1.3M to combat deep fakes #Cybersecurity

Delft-based DuckDuckGoose ends bootstrapping streak; raises €1.3M to combat deep fakes

DuckDuckGoose, a startup based in Delft, has secured €1.3M in funding to further develop its AI detection software aimed at preventing deepfake threats. The funding round was backed by various investors, including Shaping Impact Group and Graduate Entrepreneur Fund. The company’s CEO, Parya Lotfi, expressed excitement about advancing their mission of creating a digital environment free from deepfake manipulation. DuckDuckGoose was founded by Joris Mollinga, Parya Lotfi, and Mark Evenblij, and their software can quickly and accurately detect deepfakes, protecting organizations from potential harm. Deepfakes are synthetic media created using deep learning techniques to alter existing content, posing risks such as social scams and misinformation. The company’s technology can detect not only traditional deepfakes but also content generated by generative AI models. DuckDuckGoose aims to provide its software to governments, businesses, and individuals, with clients including the Dutch House of Representatives and DataChecker. The company’s software offers fast analysis and high accuracy, positioning DuckDuckGoose as a key player in the AI market.

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