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Deloitte introduces Gen AI tool to 13,000 Australian employees. #AI

Deloitte launches Gen AI tool for its 13,000 staff in Australia

Professional services firm Deloitte has launched a new internal Generative AI platform called MyAssist for its 13,000 employees in Australia after more than a year of development. The tool will assist staff with tasks such as information research, data handling, and code development. Deloitte’s CEO Adam Powick views GenAI as a crucial productivity tool that will enhance work outcomes. The firm’s GenAI lead, Stu Scotis, emphasizes the importance of augmenting human intelligence with GenAI to accelerate task completion.

Deloitte has been cautious in rolling out its GenAI platform compared to its competitors, with KPMG, PwC, and EY already embracing AI technologies. MyAssist aims to optimize common tasks and improve efficiency across different functions within Deloitte. The platform is scalable and can be customized to address specific business challenges. Deloitte’s global network has been instrumental in developing similar tools, with the ESG reporting platform SustainNext already utilizing GenAI.

Deloitte has also established an AI research institute in Melbourne to further its AI strategy. Kellie Nuttall, who leads the institute, highlights the importance of empowering employees to adopt GenAI fully. Over a third of Deloitte’s staff have undergone GenAI training in the past year, leading to a restructuring of work processes and a reduction in administrative burdens. The focus is on reinvesting resources into higher value activities to drive business growth.

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