#Developing AI Technology Responsibly for Europeans: Transparent Approach #EthicalAI

Building AI Technology for Europeans in a Transparent and Responsible Way

Meta is expanding its AI features to Europe, including the Meta AI assistant and the Llama language model. To ensure these models are trained on relevant information from European users, Meta will use publicly shared content from its platforms. The company is transparent about its data usage and has provided a form for users to object to their data being used in AI training.

Meta is committed to developing AI responsibly and transparently, consulting with regulators and experts to ensure compliance with local laws. The company has sent notifications to European users explaining its AI training efforts and providing an easy way to opt out. Meta emphasizes that the models are not designed to identify individuals but to understand patterns in public content.

In training its models, Meta will rely on the legal basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’ under the GDPR. The company believes in building AI that is tailored to European users’ preferences and respects their choices. Meta sees Europe as a key player in AI innovation and advocates for equal access to groundbreaking technology that reflects European culture and values.

As Europe navigates the future of AI, Meta encourages a balanced approach that benefits both users and technological advancement. The company believes that AI is the next frontier in innovation and wants Europeans to be part of this exciting technological moment.

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