Discovering insights from developing a personal AI replica. #AIinsights

What I Learned From Creating an AI of Myself | by Sarah Cordivano | Jun, 2024

The author discusses the concept of creating a customized AI based on their own expertise and knowledge, likening it to “cloning” oneself technologically. They share their experience of developing such an AI, named “SarahGPT,” and highlight the potential benefits of personalized AIs for the future. The author expresses optimism about the possibilities that customized AIs offer, emphasizing the ability to leverage one’s accumulated knowledge and skills in a digital form. By sharing their journey of creating a personalized AI, the author showcases the potential for individuals to harness AI technology for personal and professional growth. The article also includes an image of the AI avatar created, adding a visual element to the discussion. Overall, the author’s experience with developing a customized AI reflects a positive outlook on the future of AI technology and its potential applications for individuals.

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