Discovering ollama through LLM ZoomCamp with Hung Le #education

Learning about ollama with LLM ZoomCamp | by Hung Le | Jul, 2024

The author shares their experience with LLM ZoomCamp, where they explored using ollama through Docker to deploy and manage AI models effectively. They highlight key aspects of their experience, including running ollama with Docker, pulling and analyzing models, creating a visual representation of Gemma AI, and concluding with insights gained from the program. By leveraging Docker for flexibility and ease of deployment, the author initiated the ollama container, mapped a local directory for data storage, and exposed a port for communication. They pulled the gemma:2b model to explore its capabilities and accessed crucial model metadata from for seamless integration. The author also delved into creating a visual representation of Gemma AI using design tools to encapsulate the essence of artificial intelligence in a visually appealing format. Overall, the author’s experience with ollama through LLM ZoomCamp provided practical skills in Docker deployment, model management, and creative representation of AI concepts, enhancing their technical proficiency and understanding of AI application in real-world scenarios.

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