Do we truly require digital humans in society? #technology

Digital humans: do we really need this? | by Ilja Naumenko | Apr, 2024

The concept of digital humans is gaining traction as a way to revolutionize human-machine interaction and improve user experience. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to create lifelike interactions with machines, powered by ChatGPT and NVIDIA Audio2Face technology. Proponents of digital humans claim that they can enhance user engagement and build emotional connections, offering a more personalized experience on websites.

However, there are concerns about the potential drawbacks of hyper-realistic digital humans. Mimicking human behavior and appearance can lead to issues such as social awkwardness, disappointment, and even fear among users. The concept of the uncanny valley, where something appears almost human but not quite, can trigger discomfort and unease.

To address these challenges, designers are encouraged to create AI assistants that are more like friendly robots, such as C-3PO from Star Wars, rather than hyper-realistic human replicas. By making these digital characters imperfect and neutral, they can be more relatable and less intimidating to users.

Ultimately, the key to successful integration of AI bots into products and services lies in solving specific interaction problems and providing tangible value to users. While digital humans may have a place in contexts like video games or entertainment, designers should carefully consider the implications of creating overly realistic human-like interfaces.

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