DTGO partners SenseTime to launch trilingual LLM program #AIforEducation

DTGO partners with leading AI software company SenseTime to launch 'DTLM', a new trilingual LLM for Thai, Chinese, and English

DTGO Corporation Limited has partnered with SenseTime to develop DTLM, a large language model proficient in Thai, Chinese, and English. DTLM aims to provide high-performance capabilities in each language while understanding the local Thai language and culture. It has achieved higher test results than other Thai LLMs and can engage in real-time conversations.

The collaboration with SenseTime has allowed DTLM to leverage SenseNova 5.5’s enhanced language capabilities, knowledge database, and information density. DTLM is the world’s first model to efficiently work in these three languages without relying solely on translation, providing an authentic generative AI experience.

DTLM will initially focus on corporate clients, offering cost-effective usage and incorporating a digital trust system. It can be applied in various industries to answer questions about internal knowledge and develop services and applications. DTLM aims to drive growth across sectors and enrich Thailand’s AI ecosystem.

In the future, DTLM plans to support usage for the general public. DTGO established Quinnnova as a subsidiary to focus on IoT and AI development, recognizing the potential for high-potential businesses in the future. SenseTime’s Co-Founder expressed excitement about DTLM’s tailored approach for the Thai community.

Quinnnova Corporation, the sole distributor of DTLM, specializes in AI and LLM for enterprise use. SenseTime, founded in 2014, focuses on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. Their AI software platforms benefit businesses, people, and society, with a commitment to advancing AI research and development.

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