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Econsultancy introduces new short course on AI for Marketing. #AIMarketingCourse

Econsultancy launches ‘AI for Marketing’ short course

Econsultancy has launched a new short course called “AI for Marketing” to help marketing teams take advantage of artificial intelligence. The course is CPD-accredited and aims to assist delegates in identifying the potential benefits of AI across the customer journey and start implementing AI techniques in marketing operations, creativity, and campaign optimization. The course includes live sessions, workshops, on-demand e-learning content, and access to reports and trend insights.

The course timeline includes a live kick-off session, on-demand e-learning lessons, a half-day workshop led by marketing expert Neil Perkin, and continued access to Econsultancy’s latest trends and case studies on AI application in marketing. The course is tailored for marketing and ecommerce teams looking to embrace new skills and perspectives and effectively communicate with colleagues and agency partners.

Econsultancy has been at the heart of the digital marketing and ecommerce community for over two decades, bringing fresh perspectives, deep insights, and expertise to help leaders build on their success and deliver exceptional value for their customers. Their Multi-Touch Learning approach blends on-demand and event-based learning with research and webinars tailored to a company’s culture, putting people first and unlocking the skills and knowledge needed for measurable business growth.

The course is designed to help marketers take advantage of new generative AI functionality in design software, CRM platforms, customer service tools, and beyond. The course aims to provide practical knowledge and skills to marketers to effectively leverage AI in their marketing strategies. For more information on the “AI for Marketing” course, interested individuals can explore the course page on Econsultancy’s website.

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