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EdgeQ brings AI to 5G small cell technology #innovation

EdgeQ takes AI to the 5G small cell

Nvidia and Apple are dominating the AI market, prompting startups like EdgeQ to emphasize AI aspects in their products. EdgeQ, a 5G chip designer, has raised $126 million in funding and offers a basestation-on-a-chip with AI capabilities. The startup targets the compact base station market, competing with Qualcomm and other major players. EdgeQ’s Tensor Execution Unit (TXU) cores can process both 5G and AI operations simultaneously, enhancing connectivity and network management. Analysts are optimistic about the potential of AI in 5G, but some are cautious about the technology’s impact on basestation management. Overall, the integration of 5G and AI is expected to become more common in the near future, with startups like EdgeQ leading the way in innovation.

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