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Enhanced Notes app on Galaxy S24 with Samsung Galaxy AI #GalaxyS24AIfeatures

Galaxy AI Notes running on a Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is equipped with Galaxy AI, which includes features in the Notes app to help users organize and enhance their notes. Galaxy AI can help with formatting, summarizing, translating, and even creating virtual covers for notes. To use Galaxy AI features in the Notes app on Galaxy S24 devices, users can follow these steps:

1. Open a note and tap the AI button, which is located on the bottom toolbar.
2. Choose from four different options: auto-format, summarize, run a spelling and grammar check, or translate your note.
3. Auto-format your note in one of two styles and pick your favorite, then copy the text, replace your note with the AI-enhanced version, or add the auto-formatted text to a separate page or note.
4. Summarize your notes and adjust the level of detail, then copy the summary, replace your existing note, or add it to another page or note.
5. Run a spelling and grammar check and use the copy, replace, or add to buttons to apply the corrections.
6. Translate your note on-device and use it as needed, potentially downloading a language pack for certain translations.
7. Add a generative cover to your note to create a custom and eye-catching thumbnail.
8. Tidy your handwriting by using the selection tool to align and organize handwritten notes.

In addition to these features, Galaxy AI also offers Circle to Search, Browsing assist, and Chat assist on the Galaxy S24. Users can also explore other guides on how to use video auto framing and customize the lock screen in One UI 6 on any recent Samsung phone. With Galaxy AI, users can easily enhance and organize their notes to make them more readable and accessible.

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