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Etaily’s AI tool enhances e-commerce customer service efficiency. #AIimprovement

Etaily's AI tool helps improve e-commerce customer service

Etaily, an end-to-end omnichannel e-commerce provider, is utilizing OpenAI’s GPT models to automate responses to customer reviews with their Custom Reply Tool. This tool is set to be launched in Singapore and the Philippines as part of Etaily’s digital commerce managed services. The CEO, Alexander Friedhoff, believes that automating review responses will improve operations and enhance client service, leading to sustained growth.

The Custom Reply Tool uses generative AI to analyze review context and generate personalized responses based on historical data. It has already managed 500,000 reviews, significantly reducing the manual hours previously required. This tool is part of the Etaily Clarity suite, which integrates with various e-commerce platforms and advertising giants like Shopify, TikTok Shop, Facebook, Google, and more, allowing for a unified approach to e-commerce management.

Founded in 2020, Etaily aims to empower global consumer brands through its comprehensive e-commerce system. They have processed over 30 million orders and manage e-commerce operations for well-known brands such as Crocs, Samsung, and Skechers. The implementation of AI-powered tools like the Custom Reply Tool showcases Etaily’s commitment to efficiency and innovation in the e-commerce industry.

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