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Life After GPT -5?. When GPT-3 came out, it was amazing… | by Shivansh Chhabra | Feb, 2024

The article discusses the evolution of GPT technology, starting with GPT-3’s ability to generate text, followed by GPT-4’s capability to generate images, and the anticipation of GPT-5, which is expected to create short videos. The author suggests that after GPT-5, making significant leaps in AI technology will become more challenging, leading companies to focus on improving existing technologies such as text, pictures, and videos. The article also highlights the potential for small companies to develop new technology based on AI. It draws parallels with historical technological advancements such as the invention of the fridge, the internal combustion engine in cars, and the internet and cellular networks. The article emphasizes the potential for GPT technology to serve as a platform for new and innovative developments. It concludes by expressing optimism about the future of AI and the potential for exciting developments. The author also encourages readers to explore their other blogs for more insights on the reformation of apps.

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