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Former Trello leaders launch AI productivity tool, #HoopAI

Ex-Trello Execs Found Hoop For AI Driven Productivity Tool

Former Trello founding team members Stella Garber, Brian Schmidt, and Justin Gallagher, who stayed at Atlassian after the company acquired Trello for $425 million, decided to create a new productivity tool called Hoop. Hoop is an AI-driven tool that automatically captures tasks from video calls, email, and Slack to create a master to-do list that updates itself. The team aims to ease the burden of repetitive tasks using AI technology.

Hoop is still in beta but has already attracted paying customers and is signing up new users daily. The company recently secured $5 million in seed funding led by Index Ventures. The team plans to focus on individual users initially before expanding to team and enterprise versions. The product has been praised for its ability to centralize tasks and move work forward seamlessly.

Stella Garber, the CEO of Hoop, has a background in entrepreneurship and previously worked at Trello before founding Hoop. She emphasizes the importance of creating a tool that simplifies task management and eliminates the need for manual input. Garber’s entrepreneurial spirit was shaped by her family’s journey as refugees from Uzbekistan to the US, instilling in her a drive to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

Hoop’s vision is to revolutionize project management by streamlining workflows and making work management effortless for users. The team is focused on building a product that adds value to individuals overwhelmed by tasks and plans to expand to team and enterprise versions in the future.

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