Generate $100 daily by selling digital products and AI art. #PassiveIncome

How to Make $100/Day with Selling Digital Products and AI Art | by Seven Sky Writes | Jun, 2024

The article discusses how to make passive income online as a side hustle from anywhere by leveraging AI art generation and digital products. It emphasizes the simplicity of generating a side income of $100 per day through creating and selling digital products. The process involves using AI tools like Midjourney AI to create artwork, packaging them into products like t-shirt designs, posters, and stickers, and listing them on online platforms such as Etsy and Redbubble. The article also highlights the importance of promoting the products on social media and creative forums to attract buyers. By continuously releasing low-priced items and building a catalogue, achieving $100 daily income is feasible within a few months. The article concludes by emphasizing the benefits of digital ventures, such as generating income around the clock and the potential for financial independence. It encourages readers to explore the opportunities of running an AI art-based business from anywhere in the world.

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