#GenerativeAI spamming academic journals, This Week in AI.

This Week in AI: Generative AI is spamming up academic journals

The use of generative AI in academic publishing has raised concerns about disinformation, with fake journals containing AI-generated articles being used to manipulate rankings and evaluations of researchers. This highlights the potential negative impact of AI on systems that influence academic awards, hiring, and promotions. While some argue that flawed metrics like CiteScore are the root of the problem, the abuse of generative AI is disrupting industries in unexpected ways. There is a need to rethink and reengineer systems to be more equitable in the face of AI advancements.

In other AI news, DeepMind has developed AI technology to generate soundtracks for videos, a humanoid robot can drive cars, and a new AI search engine called Genspark has been introduced. Additionally, the cost of ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot platform, is discussed, and a research paper explores using AI to resolve ambiguous driving scenarios.

Model of the week, Gen-3 Alpha, is a generative AI tool that can create video clips from text descriptions and images, offering improved speed and fidelity. The emergence of various generative video systems threatens to disrupt the film and TV industry. However, challenges related to copyright issues need to be addressed.

On the other hand, AI technology in fast-food drive-thrus, such as automated order-taking tech, is facing challenges due to inaccuracy issues. Despite the potential for AI to boost efficiency and reduce labor costs, some jobs, particularly those requiring understanding diverse accents, cannot be automated away.

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