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Google AI predicts 3 stocks to gain 3,000% #StockMarketPrediction

AI predictions - Google’s ‘Most Advanced’ AI Predicts These 3 Stocks Will Gain 3,000%

Google’s new “Gemini” artificial intelligence model has been integrated into its conversational AI assistant Bard, potentially making Bard a more useful AI. Bard has previously demonstrated an ability to outperform both humans and other AI models at picking stocks. However, it is important to be cautious and not imbue these AIs with mystical, oracle-like abilities when it comes to predicting the market.

Fastly (FSLY) offers a global edge cloud platform, with shares trading at around $20, much lower than the company’s $126 per share peak in 2020. Analysts expect Fastly to approach breakeven profitability this year before seeing significant earnings growth. While the company’s growth outlook is positive, it may not realistically provide 1,000%+ upside in the short term.

Bill Holdings (BILL) furnishes cloud-based financial operations software for small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s revenue climbed 32.7% year-over-year last quarter, with double-digit growth expected annually through 2028. While Bard made a reasonable buy call, quadruple-digit returns may not be realistic anytime soon due to the company’s valuation and growth trajectory.

ThredUp (TDUP) is an online used clothing and accessories resale marketplace, with an impressive 21% year-over-year revenue growth reported in the past quarter. The company’s 0.7-times price/sales multiple reflects unprofitability right now, offering potential upside if it can execute well. However, four-digit percentage upside seems unlikely even with favorable circumstances, with a more realistic expectation of 200% to 300% upside over the next five or more years.

In conclusion, while these companies have positive growth outlooks, it is important to be cautious about expecting exponential gains in the short term. The use of AI suggestions should be a launching pad for further research, and it is crucial to marry instinct and judgment with the machine’s superior data processing to get the best results.

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